About painting


For many years I have been trying to express my experience of life through painting.
Trying to understand and express what surrounds us, what we see and what we don't see, what we feel and what we think.
Ideas, reality, emotion. The visible connected to the invisible.
The individual who finds his or her identity by being a part of the whole.
The world and man living toghether in a new life. The universal and the eternal.
The hours af the day.
The Earth.
Day and Night.
Pain and Pleasure.
Man and Woman.
Plants, minerals, animals.
Water, fire, air.
Fruit, bread, wine.
Things that never perish.
I begin at the beginning; I approach the elements and beings surrounding me
in order to express their character and tell you about them.
I enter into a dialogue with everyday life. Painting is not a monologue, an individual expression. Painting is a dialogue with our surroundings.
The universe, life, the infinite.

It is not necessary to travel in order to find yourself and the world.
By loving and understanding things, their distinctive features, we are able to encounter the universal and the permanent. The everlasting is a concrete manifistation of daily life.
My paintings are divided into squares, each representing an experience.
The past and the present, the near and the far, the internal and external painted together.
Elements are united in one present eternity. Space has no dimension.
I paint each detail with loving care, and everything is represented in strict geometric
structures that have their roots in techniques developed in the Renaissance.

I hope that the person who contemplates my paintings will use them to enter into a dialogue with me.
I also hope that the viewer will see each painting as a symbol of something else - the universe - the entity in our experience.

A painting is an attempt to express that entity.

Jorge Nigro
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